‘Evie Gaughan’s storytelling

style grabs you by the hand

and draws you into her


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Evie Gaughan is the author of The Story Collector, an enchanting novel steeped in folklore and superstition.  Her debut novel, The Heirloom, is a fusion of historical and contemporary fiction set in Ireland and The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris, is a magical story about a French boulangerie. An Irish writer with an enchanting sense of the otherworldly, why not escape into one of her stories today.



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  1. Love having found you on Dan Alatorre’s blog! ireland, you say? I once lived in Connemara and worked in Galway, and yes, I wrote a novel set there! Ireland will do this to a person. And, while I’ve got you, your book cover for The Heirloom is a show-stopper!

    1. Great to ‘meet’ you Claire and may I also say that I love your covers too 🙂 Ah Connemara, my spiritual home! Lucky you getting to live there – that’s where I go for my holidays, it’s such a special place. No wonder you were inspired! I imagine you are somewhere sunnier now though, please send some over here 😉

      1. How about Hughes Pub? I wrote about all of this in Dancing to an Irish Reel, whose original title was The Spiddal Pier. My publisher wanted a catchier title, and I do think the book cover appears more “romancy” than the book is! I’m focused on my forthcoming book these days, and will offer you this out of the goodness of my heart: if you are interested in either A Portal in Time or Dancing to an Irish Reel, I’ll e-mail you the ARC and you can park it to read whenever you get around to it. Just tell me where to send. Up to you, but there’s the offer.

  2. Hi,
    As I finished your book, then I looked at your name. my mother’s Name was Evie Loraine, We are 5th generation Irish Americans. I have been to the beautiful is land several times and would move there if possible. My husband is not to be moved. Last year while sitting on a park bench in Dingle I met an old gent that inspired me to come home and write a book about him (not published as yet ).As many I have a feel for that land as real as my right hand.looking forward to readingyour other books. Thanks, CeCeil

    1. Thanks for getting in touch CeCeil. Hearing about your ‘immovable’ husband made me smile and I love your mother’s name 🙂 You definitely picked the perfect spot in Dingle, although, as I’m from Galway myself, I have to insist that the City of the Tribes is the best! Connemara (which features heavily in the book) is my favourite spot, so if you haven’t already visited the area, tell your husband to start packing his bags again 😉

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