In the beginning…

First off, I’m embarrassed for myself when I think how long it took me to choose my template.  In the end, I went for the clean, crisp white page option and immediately developed writer’s block!  

So now we’ve established that I’m indecisive and easily spooked, what else do I do?  Ah yes, I’m a writer, with all of the ecstasy and frustration that carries with it.  Still, it’s where I feel most at home.  What else?  Oh, I’ve just completed a novel, ‘The Cross of Santiago’, which I think is pretty great.  So why am I telling you this?  Well you see now comes the awful challenging bit!  I have to help my story reach it’s full potential, which is, to be read by people who fancy a good old romance/adventure story, with a bit of medieval mystery thrown in for good measure.  

Hence the start of my journey into the world of self-publishing, a place they tell me is full of pitfalls and big rewards for the ones with enough persistence to see it through, or the intellectual brawn to beat the target audience into submission, whichever works first.  I’ll probably be the former, making the odd loose threat that I have no intention of backing up!

As for me, I’m Evie, I’m Irish and I hope to share the ups and downs, tips and nonsense I come across along the way with you.  Don’t be surprised if I come at ya with some art – my other passion in life is painting, so if I decide to dicky up this blog with some bright and colourful artworks, don’t say I didn’t warn you.   Till next time…

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