So you’ve written a book…

If, like me, you have written a novel and typed those two exquisite little words, ‘The End’, you’ll be thinking – I’ve done it! Woohoo!!  May I wish you a hearty congratulations and share in a glass of something cool and refreshing.  But here’s the rub; now you have to get your cherished manuscript published (replace glass with bottle of something dark and heady).  Now I do not want to be a big angry raincloud hovering over anyone’s parade (least of all my own colourful one with bunting – woohoo!), but the fact is that when your novel ends, the work of self promotion begins and this is a whole other career in itself.  I am just at the beginning and while I have to say the whole process is quite daunting, I’m pretty excited about it too.  There are so many publishing options out there today, and fun ways to connect directly with readers, it’s just a matter getting the little piggy to market.

So, party hats off people, it’s back to work and just to get things started, I’m going to add some really useful links I’ve come across while searching for publishers and agents.  Obviously, everyone will tell you to get a copy of the Writer’s and Artist’s Year Book, but there are so many other ways to skin a cat.  (Hang on, why would anyone skin a cat?).  Anyway, back to publishing, may the force be with us all and as my mother says, every old sock finds an old shoe in the end, so even if the rejection letters trickle through the post box, never, ever give up.  There is a place for your book, the trick is to find it.

Clueless Ink A full list of publishers, agents, indies, digital and most importantly – who is accepting submissions – brilliant blog.
Writers Digest A one stop shop for tips, news and info. A great resource if you’re on my side of the pond.

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