Summer + Writing = Struggle

Well if you didn’t know, summer has come to Ireland.  Now if you’re not familiar with how this works, let me fill you in.  When the sun shines in Ireland, we all tend to channel our inner May Fly – i.e. this warm golden ball in the sky may last no longer than a day, so you have to do all your summery things in one go.  Mow the lawn wearing a bikini, rip the 8 months of hair growth off your body and drive ‘ambulance style’ to the beach where you have to have a picnic, get a tan *NOW* and swim in a slow, luxurious fashion like you haven’t a care in the world. Except you do, because you have to get back to the freshly mown garden and heave the rusting old BBQ out of its lonely corner in the shed, clean last year’s hardened chicken wings off the grill (remember you said you’d do it, but then it rained for 8 months on end?), make a bowl of sangria and invite your friends to huddle around the patio heaters because, let’s face it, it gets pretty cold in the evenings – it’s not Southern Spain for God’s sake!  Then polish off the evening by slathering your sun burn in cool aloe vera gel, trying not to lean against the couch.  Phew!  This summer thing is hard work, no wonder I haven’t written anything 🙂

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