A Four Hundred Year Old Armada Mystery Novel

 Local author’s début fiction novel ‘The Cross Of Santiago’ is an exciting mix of historical fiction, drama and contemporary romance, the first of its genre to be set in Galway.

Evie Gaughan has just launched her new novel, The Cross Of Santiago, which is a Time Slip novel set in Ireland.  When a long-lost aunt bequeaths a mysterious golden cross to Amanda Morrison, a strange series of events ensues. On a quest to find the truth about her family’s past, Amanda unlocks the secret to an ancient love story between an Irish girl and a Knight of the Spanish Armada. Destined to find their happy ending, one cross will bind two couples across four centuries.

Evie herself is a massive fan of the Time Slip genre.

“Once I discovered that there was an Armada ship wreck on the Galway coast, I knew I had to write this novel!  I am so inspired by my surroundings and I really enjoyed having my home-town as the backdrop to this story.  There is so much history here and I think readers will enjoy the parallel timelines in the story too, as it creates a nice balance.”

Full of intrigue, humour and the complexities of human relationships, The Cross Of Santiago is a compelling read for contemporary and historical fiction fans alike.

Working as a freelance writer in Galway City, Evie has had several short stories and feature articles published in Galway Now and Woman’s Way magazines.  She is also an artist, with paintings on exhibit in University College Hospital Galway and Meet You Here Gallery in Roscommon.  Evie is currently working on her second novel.

Available to buy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple for €3.49.


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