10 useless facts about me :)

1. I’m a citóg –  that’s a lefty to all my non-gaelic friends.

2. I’m addicted to Hummus.  Seriously, if anyone out there is looking to win my heart through my stomach, put Hummus on it and I’m anybody’s.

3. I’m in love with Emily Thorne – there, I said it.  Feel refreshingly unburdened now 🙂

4. Currently listening to – The Gloaming

5. Currently reading – Cloud Atlas  (Not sure about the weird middle section with the Korean Fabricant, or the tribe hosting the Prescient, but I’m sure it’ll all link up in the end!)

6. Sometimes, when I’m supposed to be editing my book, I end up buying dresses online.  Not sure how that happens.

7. When it comes to tea – I’m a Lyons girl (yea bitches!)

8. Gosh, why did I say 10 things… I’m a little bit obsessed with the crafting magazine Mollie Makes

9. I love exploring old ruins and finding out their history.

10. I really despise lists!

3 thoughts on “10 useless facts about me :)

  1. Is as na Stáit Aontaithe mé – don’t hold it against me though.
    I too am addicted to hummus.
    I don’t know who Emily is…should I?
    I’m watching 13th Warrior
    Currently reading a cheesy sci-fi romance, and loving it.
    I’m supposed to be writing my story right now…
    Coffee girl all the way, Dunkin’ Donuts brand
    I knit and spin my own yarn
    I love ancient history and collect pictures of ancient ruins
    I adore lists. I’m a list person.

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