Everything Is Possible


The New Year brings another glorious 12 months full of exciting new possibilities, but rather than making resolutions, which  have become little more than a novelty in my opinion, I am creating my intentions for 2015.  It is also the perfect time to take stock of the year gone by – acknowledging the challenges and personal triumphs of the last 12 months.  If you are a fan of journaling (which I am – although I must admit I’ve been a little rusty lately) you will already understand the power of the written word.  Writing your thoughts and more importantly, dreams, on paper can have a transformative effect – literally turning your dreams into a reality.

Two years ago, I found a great worksheet by Susannah Conway that really sparked my creative mind to plan the year ahead and the good news is, she has created another one for 2015.  ‘Unravelling The Year Ahead’ is an insightful worksheet (available to download here) that’s all about creativity and mindfulness – perfect for writers who need the space to dream and the motivation to follow through.  It’s a wonderful way to indulge your innermost thoughts on paper, to write, to dream.  And who knows, maybe some of those dreams will come true!

Wishing you all a very happy & creative 2015 🙂

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