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featured-authorI’ve been featured on Book Hippo UK!

It’s always nice to have your book featured, and it’s especially nice to be featured with Book Hippo UK.  The majority of sites charge a fee (or something akin to a mortgage!) to advertise a book promotion, but Book Hippo UK do not charge for inclusion on their newsletter.  Instead, they have a strict selection process which means they hand-pick only the very best for their readers.

As an Indie author, it can be really challenging trying to reach new readers, so it’s fantastic to find a site like this where the readers can trust the quality of the recommendations and authors (on a shoe-string!) can get exposure.

So thanks Book Hippo for featuring The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris, which is currently on sale for 99p!  I’ll be wearing my blue hippo badge with pride 🙂

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