Mailing List Winner

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Big thank you to everyone who signed up to my shiny new mailing list!  As you will know, I have kept my promise and you haven’t heard a peep out of me, as I’m saving myself (and you!) for when I’ve got something exciting to shout about 🙂

So, having reached the magic number of 50 subscribers, I’m delighted to announce the winner of this lovely art print (model not included).



How did I pick the winner?  Well, I used a highly scientific method actually.  I called a friend and asked her to pick a number between 1 and 50, which was…. Number 17 Caryl (I’ll be emailing you shortly).  So thanks everyone for signing up and I’ll be sure to let you know first of any future giveaways.

Finally, due to the overwhelmingly popular demand for this (seriously!!) here is the much sought after ‘Evie’s Granola Recipe’ ©  This is happening folks!  Granolaphobes, look away now.   Who knew there was such a dearth of granola recipes out there??  Is this a future career for me???  Shall I be hitting the shelves with a granola-inspired cook book just in time for the Christmas market????  Either way, enjoy liberally and thanks again to everyone for being such great blog buddies 🙂

Have a wonderful summer x





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