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My Top Tips For Self-Publishing

If you are just starting out on the exciting and equally nerve-wracking road to self-publishing, then this post is for you!  Perhaps you have just completed National Novel Writing Month and have a 50,000 word manuscript loitering around your laptop, or maybe you have an old sheaf of typed pages neatly stacked away in a… Continue reading My Top Tips For Self-Publishing

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UK Customers – Download my book for 99p!

  From tomorrow (Monday 25th August), you can download The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris on Amazon UK for 99p! The last few days of summer are always a bit gloomy, so I’m turning that frown upside down with a Kindle Countdown Deal 🙂  Forget the fact that the weather is getting decidedly chillier and… Continue reading UK Customers – Download my book for 99p!

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Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

When writers are asked, ‘Where do you get your inspiration from?’ and they reply with a vague, ‘Oh everywhere and anywhere really’, they’re actually telling the truth. You never know where your next idea will come from and more often than not, it finds its roots in some throw-away comment or idea that just manages… Continue reading Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

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Why Readers Should Go Indie

   I recently read a piece by Richard Lea in The Guardian Books Blog about how self-publishing may well be a revolution for writers, but that the same might not be true for readers.  It wasn’t so much the article itself, as the comments that inspired me to make the following points:- Readers, please don’t make… Continue reading Why Readers Should Go Indie

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Computers are our friends… I think

Oh the joys of switching Internet provider (insert a long suffering sigh here). This may go some way towards explaining my lack of postageness here, but hopefully they’ll get it sorted soon .  Yes I’m talking to you Vodafone. Anyway, I’ve been trying to catch up with my social media and I came across another one of those ‘success… Continue reading Computers are our friends… I think