The Mysterious Bakery On Rue de Paris (7) - Copy

The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris

A charming bakery in a picturesque French town sounds like the idyllic place to escape her life, but Edith Lane soon discovers that some ghosts are harder to escape than others. A magical, heart-warming story that is sure to appeal to all of the senses, The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris is a mouth-watering journey of love, liberty and la vie en rose.



“Right from page one I was hooked.  I loved Edith… this book is an absolute cracker with a cast of wonderful characters who ooze ‘Frenchness’. “

 A Woman’s Wisdom *****

“This is a wonderful, captivating story that will leave you feeling satisfied, like you’ve just eaten your favourite comfort food on a rainy day!”

Cyril Patrick Feerick *****

“While reading this book, in my mind I could clearly see the beautiful and charming French cobblestone streets with the timber houses, they were brought to life so perfectly & could even smell taste the lovely treats that were been made daily in the bakery.”

 Celeste Ni Raois ****

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new heirloom1+1

The Heirloom

Two couples separated by four centuries are bound by one golden cross…’

Adopted as a baby, Amanda Morrison knows nothing of her biological family. But when a lawyer reveals that she has been bequeathed a mysterious heirloom from a long lost aunt, she unlocks the door to a distant past and a secret love. Can her past life really be haunting her present and what can she do to put things right?

Set on the West Coast of Ireland, The Heirloom is an intriguing tale of how one woman sets out to find her true self in another life. A perfect read for Outlander fans.

“Evie Gaughan’s attention to detail is amazing, particularly when writing about the historical part of the story.”

 Goodreads Reviewer *****

“I was adopted and so this book was a good read for me because I could REALLY relate to Amanda as a character.”

Boundless Book Reviews ****

“Overall, this book has a little bit of everything; an epic romance, adventure, great locations, well researched historical fiction… The mixture of the two stories leads to a snappy, well paced story that kept me excited and invested in the plot.”

Between My Lines ****

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