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“I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but there’s a reason why the bakery is named ‘mysterious’ in the title of the book. I totally did not see this aspect of the story coming and I thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness of it and how Evie Gaughan managed to use this element to really turn her story into something special. Next to that, her writing style is warm, well-paced and just really comfortable to read.”

“The spark of magical realism gives this novel some extra charm. The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris is such a sweet and wonderful story, I liked it a lot!”

“Ultimately, this is a heartwarming story with many twists and turns. It will leave you feeling satisfied, like you’ve just eaten your favourite comfort food on a rainy day.”

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“Who is curling the croissants at 4am and why can’t she go down to the basement?  I loved Edith and this book is an absolute cracker with a cast of wonderful characters who ooze ‘Frenchness’.”

“A lovely, engaging read with some surprising twists.”

“Interesting, entertaining, engaging with a little bit of romance and magic thrown in and all from a very fine writer.”

“I really enjoyed the mystery part of this story. I felt that something magical was afoot and throughout the whole book it had that sense of enchantment and unusual goings on.”

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“Although in many senses this is a typical romantic story, it is dealt with atypically. The reader knows of course that there is going to be a happy ending, but it isn’t a foregone conclusion that it is going to be in the time-honoured tradition of romantic fiction, and I liked that. The “mystery” is well written without being over the top, which makes suspending belief (if you are a cynic, as I am) perfectly easy and valid for the story.”

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I wish I could do like Edith Lane and just go to Paris to live my dream. But alas I can read about it only. This was a fun book. I enjoyed it very much.

A sweet little book that cozy mystery fans might like.  I liked that it was light on the romance and heavy on the baked goods.


new heirloom1+1

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After having no contact with her biological family following her parents deaths at a young age Amanda out of the blue receives contact from a law firm informing her that her aunt has died and left her a medal in her will. After experiencing flashbacks during a hypnotherapy session it becomes clear that this medal may be even more important than simply being the only remaining connection to her biological family.
Why does she keep having dreams of drowning? What exactly is the medal and how did her aunt come to have it in her possession? Are her visions representative of her inner emotions or are they memories of a previous life? And more importantly, what does the mysterious Spaniard Xavier have to do with it all?

Four star review from Trish at Between My Lines here.

“Overall, this book has a little bit of everything; an epic romance, adventure, great locations, well researched historical fiction and some dream interpretation.   The mixture of the two stories leads to a snappy, well paced story that kept me excited and invested in the plot.”

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“The Cross of Santiago” is an intelligent and well written historical romance book. I love historical fiction with a bit of romantic story-line thrown in and this book sure fits the bill. The beginning looked promising and what followed didn’t disappoint.

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“The Cross of Santiago is a heart-warming, astonishing novel of love and destiny.

I read this novel over a rainy weekend and lost myself completely in it’s charming story, which was full of twists and turns.”

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“It’s clear the author knows a lot about the time period, and she managed to change the setting to make the reader really feel like they went back in time.”

“The characters and plot were complex and intriguing enough to capture, and hold, my attention.”

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“As a debut novel it is praiseworthy and as historical fiction goes, I would have to compare it with others I’ve read in the genre such as Diana Gabaldon, Ken Follet and Kate Mosse. All in all, a great read if you’re into romance and adventure with some informative history to boot, The Cross Of Santiago comes highly recommended.”

“Evie recreated the city perfectly, making me think I was there. The adventures in this book made me stay put and read it all in a heart beat!”

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“I have never read a story like The Cross of Santiago and Evie Gaughan’s attention to detail is amazing, particularly when writing about the historical part of the story.  Readers of historical romance will be hooked on Amanda and Xavier’s story.”

“Evie Gaughan also has a good sense of humor that shows through her characters.  A good portion of The Cross of Santiago takes place in the 1500′s so if you like historical fiction, you’ll like this book. But that’s not all…it has adventure, romance, and humor.”

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  2. Greetings, Ms. Gaughan!, The link for adding The Heirloom to one’s Goodreads book shelf, goes to the Goodreads Page for The Cross of Santiago, which I think is a previous title/edition for The Heirloom. I recommend updating that link to the Goodreads page for The Heirloom.
    The Heirloom is currently on my Goodreads Bookshelf, but I am waiting until I finish the book before posting any reviews.
    With kindest regards,
    Kenneth (in Texas USA)

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