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Cover Story

A recent trend of wrapping books in unassuming brown paper and jotting down the merest of hints as to what lies underneath is sweeping the nation’s bookshops and book-clubs.  I love this idea, because covers can often be misleading, distracting or ill-fitting.  The old adage of judging books by their covers exists precisely because this… Continue reading Cover Story


How To Choose The Right Cover For Your Book

When it comes to self-publishing, judging a book by it’s cover is the norm.  A tacky ‘home-made’ cover screams UNPROFESSIONAL!  Literally, screams.  You know yourself that you wouldn’t touch a Microsoft Paint, half-assed photo with a couldn’t-care-less font with a barge pole.  So why expect other readers to see past a miserable looking cover and… Continue reading How To Choose The Right Cover For Your Book