Going Retro

IMG_0608  Now Available In Paperback!

Well, to say that I’ve been anticipating this day for a long time is an understatement.  Finally, I am thrilled to announce that my novel, The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris is now available to purchase in paperback on Amazon.  It is the one year anniversary of publishing my eBook and the response has been fantastic so far.

However, so many of you have requested a paperback version that it makes me realise – people still like to have the option of reading a physical book.  Digital publishing is such an exciting revolution, but for a lot of people, there’s just nothing like a real book.  And I have to say, I count myself among you.  I guess it’s a bit like vinyl – you can really appreciate the artwork and there’s just something about the feel of the pages between your fingertips that (for me anyway) eBooks cannot replace.  So fill your boots people!  And spread the word – The Mysterious Bakery is going retro 🙂  Now you can tweet all your photos to @evgaughan of my book being read in exotic locations à la Amélie and the travelling gnome!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a recommendation, why not check out my latest 5 star review on Amazon UK by Bodicia.

After finding herself feeding mints to an unhappy child like some sort of maiden aunt, Edith Lane decides enough is enough and something drastic must be done. She answers an advert in the paper for an English speaking manager for a bakery in Paris and when, to her surprise, she gets accepted immediately she whips out a French phrasebook and books a flight. Quiet and unassuming Edith finds herself not in Paris but in a beautiful town about an hours drive away and in a very small room which would be more suited to a mouse. Deciding adventure doesn’t necessarily mean immediate gratuitous pleasure she stays anyway and quickly settles in with the locals. But who is curling the croissants at 4am and why can’t she go down to the basement?

I loved Edith and this book is an absolute cracker with a cast of wonderful characters who ooze ‘Frenchness’. It’s about a woman who, having spent several years looking after other people, broke free of the doldrums and sets out to see what she can do to get some adventure out of life. There is a love interest but it is fraught with moral implications. There are moments in the book which had me in stitches particularly when Edith is in a club and comes face to face with the hole in the floor which serves as the loo – the joys of French plumbing. This is a book which encourages independence and standing up for what is right and a story of a strong community who is appreciative of the past and proud of who they are.

Evie Gaughan’s writing style is on point and so engaging. Right from page one I was hooked – there’s humour, a cracking story and likable characters. Take advantage of the ‘Look Inside’ on Amazon and have a read for yourself.

Computers are our friends… I think

Oh the joys of switching Internet provider (insert a long suffering sigh here). This may go some way towards explaining my lack of postageness here, but hopefully they’ll get it sorted soon .  Yes I’m talking to you Vodafone.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to catch up with my social media and I came across another one of those ‘success stories’ of an Indie Author who has published with a Print On Demand company.  Bully for her I say (honestly!) but given that a lot of these companies charge astronomical prices for a process you can complete perfectly well by yourself, I wonder if POD is a bit outdated?

I actually published a book back in 2005 – a non-fiction title – with a Print on Demand company, long before e-publishing became de riguer.  It cost a pretty penny, but at the time, it was the only alternative to mainstream publishing.  I still get the odd royalty cheque, but my earnings have come nowhere near the cost to produce the book.  I designed the cover and any marketing that was done was completed by yours truly.  My point is, while browsing the POD company mentioned in the article, it doesn’t look like much has changed.  They talk about providing you with ISBN’s and selling your book on their website as if they’re doing you a service, but all of these things are free anyway.  And if you were already having your doubts, one of their tips reads – “If you’re publishing to make a profit, it’s probably not a good idea”.  Sorry?  Isn’t that why we’re all publishing?  Otherwise we could just upload them to Amazon and set the selling price to zero – call it a hobby and be done with it.  Obviously, money is not the driving force, but most writers actually want to make a living out of their work and if you’ve paid over a large sum to have your book published, your expectations of profit would be even higher.

I think if you really want to see your book in print, head over to Create Space and do it yourself.  Spend your hard earned cash on a cover designer and an editor, then do your best to market your book and start writing the next one.  And when you’ve done all of that, get yourself an Internet provider that actually provides the Internet!