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Cover Story

A recent trend of wrapping books in unassuming brown paper and jotting down the merest of hints as to what lies underneath is sweeping the nation’s bookshops and book-clubs.  I love this idea, because covers can often be misleading, distracting or ill-fitting.  The old adage of judging books by their covers exists precisely because this… Continue reading Cover Story

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My Top Tips For Self-Publishing

If you are just starting out on the exciting and equally nerve-wracking road to self-publishing, then this post is for you!  Perhaps you have just completed National Novel Writing Month and have a 50,000 word manuscript loitering around your laptop, or maybe you have an old sheaf of typed pages neatly stacked away in a… Continue reading My Top Tips For Self-Publishing


Everything you thought you knew… and a bit more!

Interview with Author – Evie Gaughan BY BOOK GOODIES  About Evie Gaughan: Evie Gaughan is the author of The Cross Of Santiago and The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris. Living on the West Coast of Ireland, which is not renowned for its sunny climate, Evie escapes from the inclement weather into a converted attic… Continue reading Everything you thought you knew… and a bit more!