Book. Launched.

It’s been almost a week since The Story Collector was released and I think I’ve finally dragged myself out of my post-launch stupor!  How to even begin to explain to you, dear reader, what this week has been like.  It has been a mixture of utter joy, trepidation, excitement, anxiousness, exhaustion and elation.  Let’s say it together, it’s been an emotional roller-coaster!  But mostly, there’s a sense of mission accomplished.

The Story Collector
Launching in style at Ashford Castle!

There are so many stages to getting a book from manuscript to shelf and even though I’ve had a publisher behind me this time, it still doesn’t change the amount of work to be done.  Thankfully, all of the preparation has paid off and my new book has been chaperoned into the world by the most amazing book bloggers – newly christened #TeamEvie !  Book bloggers are quite simply, angels.  I never cease to be amazed by the amount of work they put into helping authors and publishers promote their new books to the world.  All for the love of books and reading.  It’s kind of phenomenal and something I never take for granted.  It’s a huge commitment that they take on for no financial gain, and yet their professionalism is exemplary.  It also helps that readers (we knew this already!) are just the best humans!!  I’ve had such fun on this tour, so big thanks to everyone who is taking part and cheering from the sidelines.

I was so happy to kick off the week with a piece for the Irish Times, all about folklore in fiction.  I loved writing this article and I’ve connected with some fellow folklore fans (try saying that three times!) off the back of it, so do have a read if you’re interested in the inspiration behind the story.

Another feature I really enjoyed doing was My Life In Books for Woman’s Way Magazine.  I love sharing books that I’ve enjoyed and it’s a nice change to chat about other writers!


Finally, the lovely people at with Female First UK invited me to do their feature, 10 Things I Want My Readers To Know About Me.  Honestly, I couldn’t think of one at the beginning!  But once I started writing, it kind of snowballed, reminding me of things I hadn’t thought about for years.  Like how I worked as an intern with Airbus Industrie in the south of France, and in a bizarre twist of fate, they are publishing a book this year with my publisher, Urbane!


feminine first

So that’s it, The Story Collector is out in the world, revealing its pages to new readers every day.  There is still lots more to come, so stay tuned for details.  If you want to pick up a copy, check out the following stores for more info.


Book Depository ~ Dubray Books ~ Foyles ~ O’Mahony’s ~ WaterstonesWH Smith

Amazon UK  ~ Amazon US ~  Amazon (paperback)

My Top Tips For Self-Publishing

If you are just starting out on the exciting and equally nerve-wracking road to self-publishing, then this post is for you!  Perhaps you have just completed National Novel Writing Month and have a 50,000 word manuscript loitering around your laptop, or maybe you have an old sheaf of typed pages neatly stacked away in a drawer somewhere.  Either way, the prospect of becoming an Indie Author can be a bit daunting, so I have come up with four simple tips that I wish someone had told me when I started out.

I wrote the following article for Woman’s Way magazine, featuring my top tips for anyone considering self-publishing their novel.  There are many steps along the way, but in my opinion, these are the most important ones to consider when getting started.  Best of luck!


The Mysterious Bakery On Rue de Paris (7) - Copy Amazon   Barnes & Noble

The Cross of Santiago-Amazon - Copy Amazon   Barnes &Noble

Final Chapter of Betwixt – Now available!

Betwixt shortHere it is folks – the final installment of BETWIXT.

I feel like I’ve come full circle with my writing in this atmospheric short story.  I actually began my writing career by writing short stories for Woman’s Way magazine, and it was seeing my words in print that spurred me on to write full-length novels.

I once heard someone say that writing short stories is like using a different muscle and it certainly does have a very different feel to writing a novel.  The scope that you can luxuriate in with a novel isn’t available in a short story.  Every scene, every word must be laced with a depth of intent that reveals so much more than your limited word-count can say.  I have to say, I really do enjoy it.  Not everything has to be explained so much in a short story.  It’s like a lightening strike – it just happens and all your left with is the afterglow, which should be bright and stunning.

I will be making this story available for download shortly, but until then, you can read it in full on Wattpad here.