Post-Christmas Calm

This is a lovely time of year; all of the manic preparations such as buying presents nobody wants and burning turkeys are over, and the quiet lull between Christmas and New Years spreads over the land. The perfect time for me to get stuck into one of my pressies – the new Neil Gaiman – The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, which won the Book of the Year Award. I feel a little out of the loop in that I am only discovering his books now, but having said that, there is a lovely feeling when you find an established author you like and know that you have their whole back catalogue of books to explore!

So I’m going to enjoy this little bit of quiet time, before 2014 and all those New Year’s resolutions kick in.  Well in truth, there’s only one I’m intent on keeping and that is to add to my own catalogue and publish my second novel – The Mysterious Bakery on Rue Sainte Antoine.  Set in France, it is a similar feel to my first novel, with romance, self-discovery and a little splash of history.  So watch this space!

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